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Coming Full Circle: A Merge of Two Rowes Wharf Units

FBN Construction, Greg Premru, Rowes Wharf

FBN Construction merges two Rowes Wharf units to reveal expanded views, elevated finishes, and a fully circular rotunda entrance.

It’s no secret that Boston’s iconic Rowes Wharf building is one of the most enviable locations in the city. Surrounded by vibrant energy and views of Boston Harbor, it is the ultimate urban sanctuary. For one client of FBN Construction Co., in partnership with Dana Cohen Architect and interior designer Kurt Sternberg, the opportunity to restore and expand their property on Rowes Wharf unfolded serendipitously. As owners of a coveted corner unit for many years, the clients approached FBN with not one, but two plans to reimagine the space, with their ultimate mission contingent upon acquiring the unit right next door.

FBN Construction, Greg Premru, Rowes Wharf(Photography: Greg Premru)

“They were designing with the future in mind,” says FBN project manager Shalini Vattes, noting that the project began with a plan to remodel only one unit, with the possibility of incorporating the second unit later on. “They already had a plan in place to bring the two units together, and when the unit next door became available it was perfect timing.” With fate on their side, the project team embarked on a full gut renovation to merge the units into one space double the size, with twice the harbor views.

FBN Construction, Greg Premru, Rowes Wharf(Photography: Greg Premru)

The project involved a comprehensive overhaul of the two units, both of which hadn’t seen updates in years. With two of everything, the entire space was reconfigured to create a larger kitchen, a more spacious primary suite, and a consolidated powder room near the foyer. The design made way for additional spaces such as a music room, library, guest suite, and expanded living area, and initially divided patio spaces were unified into one expansive deck.

FBN Construction, Greg Premru, Rowes Wharf(Photography: Greg Premru)

“One of the most dramatic transformations that came from combining the units is the front entrance rotunda,” notes Vattes. Before the merge, only half of the water views were visible upon entry, as a dividing wall separated the units. “Once that wall came down, and the new views were unveiled, I don’t think a single person walked in there and their jaw didn’t drop,” Vattes continues. Featuring hand-cut marble and custom-designed wooden borders that follow its now fully-circular curvature, the rotunda became a striking entryway with awe-inspiring views of the Boston Harbor.

FBN Construction, Greg Premru, Rowes Wharf(Photography: Greg Premru)

The beguiling transformation of the home includes timeless and elegant details that embrace a refined traditional appeal. Herringbone floors carry into the main living spaces, where every wall and surface is enriched with intricate millwork, wainscoting, and ornate finishes. Natural light pours into every room, where a soothing blue and green palette gracefully blends cherished pieces with new elements. 

FBN Construction, Greg Premru, Rowes Wharf(Photography: Greg Premru)

“This project meant a lot to the clients,” says Vattes. “A really great team was thoughtfully put together for this project, including the clients, who were working toward a goal that they were thrilled about.” The embers of a dream come true, the results symbolize a new chapter guided by the whims of destiny that made the project possible in the first place.

Builder: FBN Construction, Architect: Dana Cohen, Writer: Maddie Brisbane, Photography: Greg Premru


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