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TSP Smart Spaces: The Experience Lab

TSP Smart Spaces, The Experience Lab, Boston Showroom

An Ambitious Departure from a Traditional Showroom

TSP Smart Spaces breaks away from traditional product-focused showrooms by introducing an immersive journey into the world of smart home technology integration. Located in Boston's vibrant SoWa Art + Design District, the Experience Lab is a newly renovated 3,700 square-foot showroom that allows visitors to tangibly experience the differences offered by the latest technology solutions. Serving as a luxury residential automation showroom, a fully functional commercial audio/visual demonstration space, and a dynamic hybrid workspace, the Experience Lab offers a versatile environment that showcases technology solutions from TSP’s trusted partners.

TSP Smart Spaces, The Experience Lab, Boston ShowroomTo provide visitors with a glimpse into cutting-edge design possibilities, technology installations are seamlessly integrated throughout the space in various ways. “We have exposed, architectural, and invisible installations integrated throughout the space,” explains Michael Oh, President of TSP Smart Spaces. With the installation of Josh AI voice control, visitors can experience touch-free voice activation for tasks like adjusting lighting, music volume, and color tones in real time. The showroom also features a keypad wall that showcases design-led light control with a wide range of customizable button options.

TSP Smart Spaces, The Experience Lab, Boston Showroom, Keypad WallBlending innovative technology with sophisticated design, the Experience Lab exhibits a refined aesthetic that illustrates a harmonious coexistence between technology upgrades and beautiful design. “In the showroom, we present different vignettes that give an idea of different possibilities design-wise,” notes Aaron Stallings, Director of Smart Spaces. The showroom's grand finale is a home theater that provides an immersive cinematic experience, featuring a striking and colorful mural by local artist Silvia López Chavez. The theater is meticulously designed to block external light and sound, creating a captivating setting enhanced by top-quality audio/visual systems.

TSP Smart Spaces, The Experience Lab, Boston Showroom, Cinema RoomThrough an array of comprehensive demonstrations, visitors gain a holistic experience that demystifies the distinctions among various technology options. Fueled by innovation and creativity, the Experience Lab reimagines the home as a sanctuary of comfort, entertainment, security, and productivity.

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